Our Philosophy

  • PR strategy must clearly connect to an organization’s business objectives. A cohesive communications program must drive marketplace awareness and business value. Otherwise, it’s just window dressing.
  • We commit to providing a fresh, outside perspective as candid counsel, even if it’s polar opposite of the client view.
  • We see our role as complementary to the inherent communications skills and internal resources of our clients. We augment the client PR team as literal extensions of the in-house professionals.
  • Media Relations is a big part of what we do, and we do it very well. But we can’t “kill” or guarantee publicity. There are no shortcuts. It often takes time for “non-breaking” story ideas to percolate and gain traction.
  • We pride ourselves in finding story ideas (“connecting the dots”) that aren’t readily apparent, continuously creating new and unusual story angles.
  • We often are brought into highly confidential situations. As a client’s “insider,” we adhere to strict confidentiality obligations.
  • We commit to delivering regular updates on deliverables, progress, budgets and deadlines, with responsiveness and senior-level attention unparalleled in the PR industry.