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Apple’s iPhone Six Boosts Company Earnings

Do you own an iPhone six?  If so, you’ve contributed to Apple’s most recent success.  Will you be investing in an Apple Watch this spring?  Learn more about what’s in store in this article from Bulldog Reporter’s Daily ‘Dog, reported by Richard Carufel.   Read entire article here.

Apple’s Brand Surges Again: Iconic Gadget Giant’s Titanic Q4 Confirms Its Global Dominance—and Marketing Mastery

With the Apple Watch Right Around the Corner, Can Company Disrupt Again? (Photo credit:  Bulldog Reporter)

If quarterly earnings reports are a reflection of a company’s reputation and its level of consumer engagement (as, of course, they are), then Apple could not be sitting any prettier—in addition to big bucks, the company has re-earned once-wavering big respect. The gadget giant’s iPhone six models shattered analysts’ expectations in Q4 of 2014, generating more revenue in the holiday quarter than Microsoft and Google combined, according to their earnings reports. Huge sales numbers of the iPhone in China catalyzed a record-breaking earnings period—and the outlook for the coming months is poised to explode again as the company prepares to roll out it’s long-anticipated Apple Watch in April. As it stands, fears that the company would not again ascend to the disruptive heights that Apple achieved in the Steve Jobs era have been effectively quashed—Apple is once again a smooth-operating, PR self-generating machine.  Read more


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