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Harris Poll ID’s Most Enduring Brands

Did your favorites make the list?   Check out the results of the  2015 Harris Poll EquiTrend study in this article from the Bulldog Reporter’s ‘Daily Dog (original source:  PR Newswire).   Do any of the top choices surprise you?  Who’s not there that you think should be?  Please use the comment form below to let me know.  Thanks. — Sean

Enduring Brands Top 2015 Harris Poll EquiTrend List: Visa, Michelin, Craftsman, Subway, Target and More Take Brand of the Year Honors

Many Top-Ranked Brands Owe Their Success to Connectivity, Study Finds

The brands Americans love say a lot about how they live. In 2015, classic trusted brands increasingly comingle with “connected” Internet brands based on the top brands in the2015 Harris Poll EquiTrend study, an annual study of brands.

Something Old

Twelve brands have been ranked #1 in equity within their respective categories for 5 or more years in a row, and many of these scored in the top 10% of all brands measured in the study in 2015. These brands cover a range of categories, from sandwich shops (Subway), to mass merchandisers (Target), paint (KILZ), to greeting cards (Hallmark).  Read more here…


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Why Transparency is Key to Business Success

Transparency is a must in today’s business world.  After all, we all want to do business with people we trust, right?  Check out this story written by Forbes contributor, Jay Baer, founder of Convince & Convert.  Read the whole piece here.

Transparency is key to business success.  Photo credit:  Dollar Photo Club, Stuart Miles

Transparency is key to business success. Photo credit: Dollar Photo Club, Stuart Miles

Think for a second about why you do business with one company over another. Is it the quality of its products? The cost? Its customer service? Do you just trust it more than its competitors?

Trust matters, and the biggest companies in the world are starting to pay attention. Trust erosion is one of the culprits behind five straight quarters of McDonald’s plummeting sales. The fast-food chain, knowing it was losing customers to restaurants like Chipotle due toeroding public trust in the quality of its food, launched its “Our Food, Your Questions.” campaign in the United States after successful runs in Canada and Australia.

Consumers can now ask McDonald’s any question about its food on a special website, and the company will answer. These questions aren’t always easy, but McDonald’s has pulled back the curtain to reveal its food production process, and consumers are responding. Read more…

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Are You Ready to Handle a Crisis?

A crisis happens when you least expect it, which makes  having a plan in place critically important.  Take a look at some of the tips provided by Inc. in this article by Rhett Power.   Read the entire story here

If you need a crisis communications plan, call us at Healy Corp. and we’ll help get you ready for anything.  

8 Tips to Survive Any Crisis

How you handle the crisis will impact your company, your staff, and how the crisis is ultimately resolved.



IMAGE: Getty Images


I remember the first time an attorney called with news of a pending lawsuit. My first reaction was anything but calm. It happens to everyone in business. No matter what type of business, we will all encounter a crisis. It comes out of nowhere: an accident, a breakdown, a lawsuit. The immediate panic is overwhelming, followed quickly by feelings of despair and helplessness. And a need to do something.

Before you respond, learn how to stay calm in a crisis. It can make all the difference in the outcome, no matter what the cause.

  1. Stop, look, and listen. Resist the temptation to react or retaliate. Take a few seconds to evaluate. You need to determine the full scope of the situation before proceeding. (Of course, a sudden or physical threat, such as a fire or a colleague’s heart attack, require immediate action.)
  2. Who, what, when, where, and how. Think like a news reporter: Get as much data as possible. Delegate responsibilities to get the job accomplished as quickly as possible. Depending on the crisis, a public announcement or response may be expected, so time is critical.

Read more

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Will Online Schools Take Over for Brick and Mortar?

Do you have your MBA?  If not, would you consider getting it online?  CNBC’s Stephanie Landsman takes a look at this growing trend and how it could affect the future of brick and mortar schools.  Read the story here

An MBA is just a click away. What that means for brick and mortar schools

See the video interview here.

Cultura RM/Gu | Getty Images

Cultura RM/Gu | Getty Images

More people are taking their education digital.That approach, which rips a page out of “The Jetsons,” may be making the grade, but it could ultimately come at a cost to sprawling university campuses.

Fueled by new technology and those hesitant to leave well-paying jobs to relocate in an unpredictable economy, more universities are offering traditional master of business administration (MBA) programs online. As it happens, the learning curve for them may not be as steep as you think.

Many of these schools are partnering up with companies such as 2U (TWOU), which provides cloud-based software to enhance the online learning experience. Live classes are conducted through webcams so students and teachers can interact.

“The horse has left the barn in terms of proving that online programs can more than match the rigor and educational experience of on-campus programs,” said CEO Chip Paucek, who co-founded 2U in 2008. “The company’s biggest challenge was the preconceived notions of online education, which were terrible.”

Read more

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Corporate Reputation Rankings. How Did Your Favorites Fare?

Check out the Harris Poll’s new corporate reputation rankings.  How did your favorites fare? This article appeared in the Bulldog Reporter’s Daily ‘Dog.  The original source: PR Newswire; edited by Richard Carufel.  How much do studies like this one affect your buying decisions?  Read the article here.

February 9, 2015

New Corporate Reputation Rankings: Amazon Dethroned By Regional Grocer Wegmans, While Samsung Pulls Ahead of Apple

Harris Poll’s 2015 Reputation Quotient Study Sees Apple and Google Slide

In the digital/social age, developing a great reputation has emerged as perhaps the most important PR measurement for brands–and according to the latest Harris poll reputation study, it’s not only the giant global brands that are being recognized for their reputation-boosting achievements. In fact, last year’s leader Amazonhas been edged out in the 2015 rankings for corporate reputation among the 100 most visible companies by Wegmans Food Markets, a Rochester, NY-based grocer with just 85 stores and a tenth of the retail giant’s revenues.

Meanwhile, ranking third on the list, Samsung outperformed all other technology companies, surging past Apple and Google, at No. 9 and No. 10 respectively—and achieving a near-reversal in position from 2012 when Apple was No. 1, Google was No. 2 and Samsung ranked 13th.  Read more here.

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All Eyes on P&G’s Brand Consolidation Strategy as Currency Headwinds Weigh on Q2 Results

This story appeared in the Great Speculations blog.

This story appeared in the Great Speculations blog.

Stay tuned for P&G’s release of its 2015 second quarter results today  (the company follows July-June fiscal year).  See what Forbes has to say.  Read story here.

Global consumer brands behemoth Procter & Gamble is set to release its 2015 second quarter results on January 27th (the company follows July-June fiscal year). Following the lackluster performance in the first quarter, P&G is guiding second quarter organic sales to grow by low to mid-single digits. Core (non-GAAP) EPS is guided to grow by the same range, despite currency headwinds of 5 to 6 percentage points. It is pertinent to note that the company provided this guidance assuming mid-October spot rates. Given the deterioration in major currencies since then, including the Euro, Ruble, Bolivar and Real, second quarter currency headwinds may be at the higher end of P&G’s guidance.

This also marks the first quarterly results since P&G announced its ambitious plan to trim its nearly 200-strong portfolio of brands down to 70-80 core brands.  Read more


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Shake-Up at Mattel as Barbie Loses Her Appeal

Mattel announced the resignation of Bryan G. Stockton in advance of the company’s scheduled earnings report this Friday. Credit Shannon Stapleton/Reuters

Mattel announced the resignation of Bryan G. Stockton in advance of the company’s scheduled earnings report this Friday. Credit Shannon Stapleton/Reuters

Barbie is Having a Tough 56th Year.  Read about the challenges facing toy makers, Mattel and Hasbro as reported in The New York Tines.  Read more

Barbie and other traditional toys are having a much tougher time supporting their elderly parent Mattel, a toy maker significantly weakened by stiff competition from small upstarts and by digital distractions aimed at children.

On Monday, the company reported that toy sales during last month’s crucial holiday shopping season plummeted, apparently one of the reasons the company also announced a management shake-up. Bryan G. Stockton, who worked for Mattel for more than 14 years and was chief executive for the last three, resigned over the weekend.

“The board recognizes that the company is not meeting our own expectations and those of our shareholders, and we felt that now is the right time to make a leadership change,” said Alex Clark, a spokesman for Mattel.  Read more


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Unease for What Microsoft’s HoloLens Will Mean for Our Screen-Obsessed Lives

Jon Hamm in “Black Mirror,” a dark British series now on Netflix. Credit House of Tomorrow -- The New York Times

Jon Hamm in “Black Mirror,” a dark British series now on Netflix. Credit House of Tomorrow — The New York Times

Check out David Carr’s take on Microsoft’s new HoloLens.  Carr writes for The New York Times.  Read it here.

Microsoft made a big announcement last week, revealing that Windows, a lucrative legacy franchise, was about to be unleashed into the physical environment through a set of goggles called the HoloLens that superimposes the operating system on the actual world. In one sense, it was heartening. Business reporters are frequently hung up on the new and the insurgent, but seeing mature companies adapt to a changed world is equally interesting.

But something about Microsoft’s new technology creeps me out, and it probably has less to do with the threat of holograms populating our everyday lives and more to do with something I’ve been watching on a different screen.

“Black Mirror” is a three-season, seven-part anthology series, which first appeared in 2011 on Channel 4 in Britain and recently became available on Netflix, eliciting a lot of provocative chatter stateside. The show shares DNA with “The Twilight Zone,” but is very much about the present future we are living through.  Read more


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Middle Class Shrinks Further as More Fall Out Instead of Climbing Up

Adhanet Kidane, 30, a single mother in Tampa, Fla., earns minimum wage at two fast-food restaurants. Credit Edward Linsmier for The New York Times

Adhanet Kidane, 30, a single mother in Tampa, Fla., earns minimum wage at two fast-food restaurants. Credit Edward Linsmier for The New York Times

Some insight on middle class economics by Dionne Searcey and Robert Gebeloff  

The middle class that President Obama identified in his State of the Union speech last week as the foundation of the American economy has been shrinking for almost half a century.

In the late 1960s, more than half of the households in the United States were squarely in the middle, earning, in today’s dollars, $35,000 to $100,000 a year. Few people noticed or cared as the size of that group began to fall, because the shift was primarily caused by more Americans climbing the economic ladder into upper-income brackets.

But since 2000, the middle-class share of households has continued to narrow, the main reason being that more people have fallen to the bottom. At the same time, fewer of those in this group fit the traditional image of a married couple with children at home, a gap increasingly filled by the elderly.  Read more


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What the Latest USPS Rate Hike Means for Magazines

Uncertain times ahead for many publishers.  Read about it in this article by Michael Rondon of FOLIO:.

After the latest USPS rate hike, it’s going to cost more to ship magazines to your subscribers. But it might not stay that way.

The USPS announced a rate increase last week intended to keep mailing prices in line with inflation—a jump of about 1.9 percent across the board. It’s a change that’s expected to generate about $900 million annually for the struggling postal service.

2a302d868d0b20d87028c3eb07484629While periodicals as a whole, will be 1.965-percent higher, accompanying changes mean that some magazines will be treated differently than others. A few publishers will see price reductions of more than 20 percent, while others will have their mailing costs rise by up to 100 percent.  Read more…

Photo Credit:  FOLIO:

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