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Retail PR Insights from IBM Study

Photo credit:  Bulldog Reporter's The Daily 'Dog

Photo credit: Bulldog Reporter’s The Daily ‘Dog

Take a look at the Bulldog Reporter’s Daily Dog and the PR insights it sees from IBM’s recent consumer study.  IBM is a Healy Corp Client.  See the article here

Study Highlights Potential for Better Retail Experiences

A new IBM study has found that, while consumers are growing more enthusiastic about online shopping and digital interaction with retailers, their actual behavior lags behind. The findings, indicating that consumer expectations are not being met, identify clear opportunities for retailers to close the gap and create new loyalty.

The IBM Institute for Business Value study analyzed four years of survey data from over 110,000 consumers in 19 countries. It found that consumers are now very comfortable with combining digital and physical elements in their buying process. However, while IBM’s study found that 43 percent of consumers said they prefer to shop online, only 29 percent actually made their last purchase online. In some product categories such as youth apparel or home decor, there is a nearly 20 point gap between the percentage of people that say they enjoy shopping online and the percentage of people who actually made their last purchase online in those categories—signaling that retailers have an opportunity to better meet consumer expectations online.  Read more…


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