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Are You Marketing Your Start Up Business?

Are you putting marketing resources into your start up?  If not, take a look at this post by Merav Chan, an experienced marketer and the co-founder of markitdigital.com, a digital marketing firm based in Tel-Aviv, Israel.   This post originally appeard on {GROW} — a blog hosted by Schaefer Marketing Solutions.  If you’re involved in a start up business, don’t wait.  Get marketing in on the ground floor.  Call Healy Corp today to find out how. 
Read the entire post here.  

The fatal flaw for most start-ups is marketing

marketing for startups

Photo Credit: {GROW} Schaefer Marketing Solutions.


by Merav Chen, {grow} Community Member

When talking to startup founders, I’m always surprised to see how many don’t consider bringing a marketing function on board until a very late stage in the company’s and product’s life cycle. There’s much evidence suggesting that lack of marketing input is one of the main reasons startups fail. And yet …

Why do startups overlook marketing?

There are five reasons start-up chronically overlook marketing until it’s too late.

  1. The Founder’s Angle – many founders come from an engineering background, and they don’t always see the value of marketing. They don’t understand or “speak” marketing– and as a result, they don’t like dealing with it. Someone once told me it’s hard for marketers to converse with developers because it’s tough to explain the concept of a “forest” to someone who sees “tree+tree+tree+tree” (no offense to my developer friends, I’m pretty sure you feel the same way about us marketing people, perhaps even worse).

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Does your media pitch make the grade?

What not to do when making a media pitch.  Check out what these “cool cats” have to say in this article by Austin Cross that appeared on MUCK RACK Daily.  Need help with your pitches?  Call us today.

Check out the full story here:

The 10 cats who are tired of getting bad pitches from PR pros


The 10 cats who are tired of getting bad pitches from PR pros

 Photo credit:  MUCK RACK

Whether you’ve been in journalism for a few years or a few decades, chances are you’ve received pitches from public relations representatives who seem to lack intuition, tact and general people skills.

Though serious pitch faux paws (see what I did there?) are far and few, every now and then a representative, believing themselves to be exceptional, will cross a few lines in an attempt to get their guest or message heard.   Read more

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Harris Poll ID’s Most Enduring Brands

Did your favorites make the list?   Check out the results of the  2015 Harris Poll EquiTrend study in this article from the Bulldog Reporter’s ‘Daily Dog (original source:  PR Newswire).   Do any of the top choices surprise you?  Who’s not there that you think should be?  Please use the comment form below to let me know.  Thanks. — Sean

Enduring Brands Top 2015 Harris Poll EquiTrend List: Visa, Michelin, Craftsman, Subway, Target and More Take Brand of the Year Honors

Many Top-Ranked Brands Owe Their Success to Connectivity, Study Finds

The brands Americans love say a lot about how they live. In 2015, classic trusted brands increasingly comingle with “connected” Internet brands based on the top brands in the2015 Harris Poll EquiTrend study, an annual study of brands.

Something Old

Twelve brands have been ranked #1 in equity within their respective categories for 5 or more years in a row, and many of these scored in the top 10% of all brands measured in the study in 2015. These brands cover a range of categories, from sandwich shops (Subway), to mass merchandisers (Target), paint (KILZ), to greeting cards (Hallmark).  Read more here…


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Nestle Says it Will Remove Artificial Colors, Flavors from Chocolate

How do you take your chocolate?  With or without artificial colors and flavors?  Consumers will soon have that choice as Nestle commits to removing artificial colors and flavors from its chocolate candy.   Read all about it in this article that appeared in the Bulldog Reporter’s ‘Daily Dog. The article was written by Richard Carufel.   Read it here.   Will this move help or hurt this candy maker?  Please share your thoughts.

February 24, 2015

Sweet PR Move: Nestlé Commits to Removing Artificial Flavors and Colors from All Its Chocolate Candy Products

Brand Becomes First Major U.S. Candy Manufacturer to Make This Commitment

Food-industry marketing and PR have shifted dramatically over the last few years as healthy eating and organic food have become en vogue—and many food companies havecapitalized on that movement by doing overhauls on their own processes and ingredients. Candy maker Nestlé USA is attempting a similar move by announcing last week that it will be removing artificial flavors and FDA-certified colors, like Red 40 and Yellow 5, from all of its chocolate candy products. By the end of 2015, more than 250 products and 10 brands, includingButterfinger, Nestlé Crunch and Baby Ruth candy bars, will be free of artificial flavors and dyes. Products will begin appearing on store shelves by mid-2015, and will be identified by a “No Artificial Flavors or Colors” claim on the packaging.


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Are You Ready to Handle a Crisis?

A crisis happens when you least expect it, which makes  having a plan in place critically important.  Take a look at some of the tips provided by Inc. in this article by Rhett Power.   Read the entire story here

If you need a crisis communications plan, call us at Healy Corp. and we’ll help get you ready for anything.  

8 Tips to Survive Any Crisis

How you handle the crisis will impact your company, your staff, and how the crisis is ultimately resolved.



IMAGE: Getty Images


I remember the first time an attorney called with news of a pending lawsuit. My first reaction was anything but calm. It happens to everyone in business. No matter what type of business, we will all encounter a crisis. It comes out of nowhere: an accident, a breakdown, a lawsuit. The immediate panic is overwhelming, followed quickly by feelings of despair and helplessness. And a need to do something.

Before you respond, learn how to stay calm in a crisis. It can make all the difference in the outcome, no matter what the cause.

  1. Stop, look, and listen. Resist the temptation to react or retaliate. Take a few seconds to evaluate. You need to determine the full scope of the situation before proceeding. (Of course, a sudden or physical threat, such as a fire or a colleague’s heart attack, require immediate action.)
  2. Who, what, when, where, and how. Think like a news reporter: Get as much data as possible. Delegate responsibilities to get the job accomplished as quickly as possible. Depending on the crisis, a public announcement or response may be expected, so time is critical.

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Jon Stewart to Leave The Daily Show

Jon Stewart in the offices of “The Daily Show” last year. Credit Chad Batka for The New York Times

Jon Stewart in the offices of “The Daily Show” last year. Credit Chad Batka for The New York Times

Late-night legend, Jon Stewart announced that he will be leaving The Daily Show.  Check out what The New York Times has to say.  The article was written by Jason Zinoman.  Late-night won’t be the same…  Read the story here.

A Late-Night Host Seamlessly Mixing Analysis, Politics and Humor

It’s hard to imagine a presidential election without Jon Stewart at “The Daily Show,” but we are going to have to get used to it now that the host of the landmark political comedy program of our era is leaving his desk before the first primary of 2016.

In a stunning announcement during the taping of his show on Tuesday, Mr. Stewart announced that after more than 16 years of telling jokes at 11 p.m., he would do his final show before the end of this year, which represents the end of one of the most impressive and influential runs in talk-show history.

Coming not long after Stephen Colbert concluded his virtuosic “Colbert Report,” it’s also the end of an era of incredibly sharp topical nightly television at Comedy Central. “The Daily Show’s” impact on late night was arguably as great as that of prestige HBO shows like “The Sopranos” and “The Wire” on television drama.  Read more

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Corporate Reputation Rankings. How Did Your Favorites Fare?

Check out the Harris Poll’s new corporate reputation rankings.  How did your favorites fare? This article appeared in the Bulldog Reporter’s Daily ‘Dog.  The original source: PR Newswire; edited by Richard Carufel.  How much do studies like this one affect your buying decisions?  Read the article here.

February 9, 2015

New Corporate Reputation Rankings: Amazon Dethroned By Regional Grocer Wegmans, While Samsung Pulls Ahead of Apple

Harris Poll’s 2015 Reputation Quotient Study Sees Apple and Google Slide

In the digital/social age, developing a great reputation has emerged as perhaps the most important PR measurement for brands–and according to the latest Harris poll reputation study, it’s not only the giant global brands that are being recognized for their reputation-boosting achievements. In fact, last year’s leader Amazonhas been edged out in the 2015 rankings for corporate reputation among the 100 most visible companies by Wegmans Food Markets, a Rochester, NY-based grocer with just 85 stores and a tenth of the retail giant’s revenues.

Meanwhile, ranking third on the list, Samsung outperformed all other technology companies, surging past Apple and Google, at No. 9 and No. 10 respectively—and achieving a near-reversal in position from 2012 when Apple was No. 1, Google was No. 2 and Samsung ranked 13th.  Read more here.

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Shareaholic Report Makes Strong Case for Social

Check out the stats in this article.  It makes a strong case for Social Media.  This appeared in Marketing Land and was written by Martin Beck.  Have you built social into your marketing plan? Read the entire article here

Facebook Drives Nearly One-Fourth Of All Referral Traffic

Shareaholic report shows Facebook with a 10% increase in share of visits in Q4; Social media continues to drive more referrals than organic search.


Looks like the big kid on the block is getting stronger.

Facebook, the overwhelming leader in social referral traffic, surged during the fourth quarter of 2014, and now drives nearly 25% of the web’s traffic, according to a report released today by social management firm Shareaholic.

Facebook’s total share of visits to Shareaholic’s network was 24.64% in December. That’s a slight slip from October and November, when the social network pushed past the 25% threshold, but its 2.27 percentage point since the third quarter is an impressive gain.  The total continues to dwarf its competitors.  Read more

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What This Year’s Super Bowl Ads Suggest

What was your reaction to Sunday’s Super Bowl commercials?  Did you have a favorite?  Read on for the Bulldog Reporter’s take, presented by Richard Carufel.  Read complete story here.

February 3, 2015

Does Somber Tone of Super Bowl Ads Reflect a Shift in Marketing and PR’s Messaging and Targeting? Cause Wins the Day

This Year’s Ads Suggest Brands Have a Better Understanding of Audiences 

From Nationwide’s ghostly spot about dead kids to the NFL’s own sponsored ad targeting domestic abuse, the 2015 Super Bowl commercials were collectively among the most somber of all time. Many of this year’s advertising brands opted to associate their messaging with a social cause or otherwise sentimental issue—suggesting that the targeted approach of advertisers is shifting.

There was also a diminished presence of humor and sex, marking a dramatic shift from Super Bowls past. Instead, cause marketing and true-to-life engagement took center stage during breaks from the game–which itself carried a heavier tone this year than usual, with fluffier controversies such asDeflateGate coupled with heavier issues surrounding the NFL this year, such as the Ray Rice sex-abuse episode and newly inflamed allegations that playing football can lead to concussions and other head trauma. All in all, the tone of the ads perfectly matched the seriousness of the PR crises resting on the NFL’s shoulders.

Read the rest


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A Big Data Disconnect?

Where do you stand on Big Data?  Check out this article about a brand new global study sponsored by Teradata Corp.  This article originally appeared in the Bulldog Reporter’s Daily ‘Dog.  Read it here.

Data-Driven Disconnect: Cultural Gaps Impede Companies’ Efforts to Harness Benefits of Data, New Global Study Reveals

CEOs’ Rosy View of Data Initiatives, and Barriers to Data Access, Hinder Success (Photo Credit: Bulldog Reporter)

A new global study sponsored by big data analytics and marketing applications companyTeradata Corp. has revealed an apparent disconnect between how chief executive officers see the current status and benefits of data initiatives and how lower-level managers see them. This and other disparities impede success and imperil the competitive advantage companies hope to realize.

“The survey is clear that organizations succeed when the data-driven vision and leadership are shared, and the benefits of data initiatives are consistently tracked, promoted and, most importantly, linked to corporate goals and business results,” said Chris Twogood, vice president of products and services marketing at Teradata, in a news release.  Keep reading

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