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What the Latest USPS Rate Hike Means for Magazines

Uncertain times ahead for many publishers.  Read about it in this article by Michael Rondon of FOLIO:.

After the latest USPS rate hike, it’s going to cost more to ship magazines to your subscribers. But it might not stay that way.

The USPS announced a rate increase last week intended to keep mailing prices in line with inflation—a jump of about 1.9 percent across the board. It’s a change that’s expected to generate about $900 million annually for the struggling postal service.

2a302d868d0b20d87028c3eb07484629While periodicals as a whole, will be 1.965-percent higher, accompanying changes mean that some magazines will be treated differently than others. A few publishers will see price reductions of more than 20 percent, while others will have their mailing costs rise by up to 100 percent.  Read more…

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