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Does your media pitch make the grade?

What not to do when making a media pitch.  Check out what these “cool cats” have to say in this article by Austin Cross that appeared on MUCK RACK Daily.  Need help with your pitches?  Call us today.

Check out the full story here:

The 10 cats who are tired of getting bad pitches from PR pros


The 10 cats who are tired of getting bad pitches from PR pros

 Photo credit:  MUCK RACK

Whether you’ve been in journalism for a few years or a few decades, chances are you’ve received pitches from public relations representatives who seem to lack intuition, tact and general people skills.

Though serious pitch faux paws (see what I did there?) are far and few, every now and then a representative, believing themselves to be exceptional, will cross a few lines in an attempt to get their guest or message heard.   Read more

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Are You Working with a PR Pro?

This is incredibly important.  Make sure you are working with a seasoned PR pro who knows what the news media wants and has a proven record of delivering it.  Check out this article that ran in the Bulldog Reporter’s Daily ‘Dog.  It’s titled, “Is PR Dropping the Ball? Majority of Reporters Say They Are Unhappy with Press Materials and Lack of Quality Content for Stories.”

Journalists Are Likely to Ignore a Pitch that Contains No Graphics

According to a recent survey, an overwhelming number of journalists and media professionals are unhappy with how they are approached by corporate communications, resulting in working longer hours and increased frustration. The survey, conducted by content distribution and tracking platform ISEBOX.com, revealed that journalists are having to work harder and produce more in order to make a living—but their needs are not being met by most PR professionals or technology solutions.

According to the newly released survey of North American journalists and media professionals, 68% of journalists feel that their job has become more difficult in the last 5 years—which is in stark contrast to the recent technology advancements that were intended to accelerate workflows. Of these new technologies, few have been developed to facilitate mass distribution of content in a way that is easily accessible and centralized for media professionals—resulting in scattered and often inaccessible story-related content.  Read more...


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Nestle Says it Will Remove Artificial Colors, Flavors from Chocolate

How do you take your chocolate?  With or without artificial colors and flavors?  Consumers will soon have that choice as Nestle commits to removing artificial colors and flavors from its chocolate candy.   Read all about it in this article that appeared in the Bulldog Reporter’s ‘Daily Dog. The article was written by Richard Carufel.   Read it here.   Will this move help or hurt this candy maker?  Please share your thoughts.

February 24, 2015

Sweet PR Move: Nestlé Commits to Removing Artificial Flavors and Colors from All Its Chocolate Candy Products

Brand Becomes First Major U.S. Candy Manufacturer to Make This Commitment

Food-industry marketing and PR have shifted dramatically over the last few years as healthy eating and organic food have become en vogue—and many food companies havecapitalized on that movement by doing overhauls on their own processes and ingredients. Candy maker Nestlé USA is attempting a similar move by announcing last week that it will be removing artificial flavors and FDA-certified colors, like Red 40 and Yellow 5, from all of its chocolate candy products. By the end of 2015, more than 250 products and 10 brands, includingButterfinger, Nestlé Crunch and Baby Ruth candy bars, will be free of artificial flavors and dyes. Products will begin appearing on store shelves by mid-2015, and will be identified by a “No Artificial Flavors or Colors” claim on the packaging.


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What This Year’s Super Bowl Ads Suggest

What was your reaction to Sunday’s Super Bowl commercials?  Did you have a favorite?  Read on for the Bulldog Reporter’s take, presented by Richard Carufel.  Read complete story here.

February 3, 2015

Does Somber Tone of Super Bowl Ads Reflect a Shift in Marketing and PR’s Messaging and Targeting? Cause Wins the Day

This Year’s Ads Suggest Brands Have a Better Understanding of Audiences 

From Nationwide’s ghostly spot about dead kids to the NFL’s own sponsored ad targeting domestic abuse, the 2015 Super Bowl commercials were collectively among the most somber of all time. Many of this year’s advertising brands opted to associate their messaging with a social cause or otherwise sentimental issue—suggesting that the targeted approach of advertisers is shifting.

There was also a diminished presence of humor and sex, marking a dramatic shift from Super Bowls past. Instead, cause marketing and true-to-life engagement took center stage during breaks from the game–which itself carried a heavier tone this year than usual, with fluffier controversies such asDeflateGate coupled with heavier issues surrounding the NFL this year, such as the Ray Rice sex-abuse episode and newly inflamed allegations that playing football can lead to concussions and other head trauma. All in all, the tone of the ads perfectly matched the seriousness of the PR crises resting on the NFL’s shoulders.

Read the rest


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Retail PR Insights from IBM Study

Photo credit:  Bulldog Reporter's The Daily 'Dog

Photo credit: Bulldog Reporter’s The Daily ‘Dog

Take a look at the Bulldog Reporter’s Daily Dog and the PR insights it sees from IBM’s recent consumer study.  IBM is a Healy Corp Client.  See the article here

Study Highlights Potential for Better Retail Experiences

A new IBM study has found that, while consumers are growing more enthusiastic about online shopping and digital interaction with retailers, their actual behavior lags behind. The findings, indicating that consumer expectations are not being met, identify clear opportunities for retailers to close the gap and create new loyalty.

The IBM Institute for Business Value study analyzed four years of survey data from over 110,000 consumers in 19 countries. It found that consumers are now very comfortable with combining digital and physical elements in their buying process. However, while IBM’s study found that 43 percent of consumers said they prefer to shop online, only 29 percent actually made their last purchase online. In some product categories such as youth apparel or home decor, there is a nearly 20 point gap between the percentage of people that say they enjoy shopping online and the percentage of people who actually made their last purchase online in those categories—signaling that retailers have an opportunity to better meet consumer expectations online.  Read more…


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A PR reality check

Dollar Photo; Deyan Georgiev

Dollar Photo; Deyan Georgiev

Very insightful article.  PR Reality Check: The Indispensable Role of Today’s Public Relations Pro — Read it here.
By Gerard Francis Corbett, APR, Fellow PRSA, Founder, Chair and CEO, Redphlag LLC



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