Video Takes Center Stage

Video is taking center stage these days when it comes to web content.  Take a look at this Advertising Age article (and videos).  Which is your favorite?  Is video content part of your marketing strategy?  Read the article here

Adidas’s Stirring ‘Take It’ Is Crushing the Rest of Web Video

Super Bowl Campaigns Continue to Hang Around

Photo Credit:  Advertising Age

Photo Credit: Advertising Age

Adidas has shot to the top of our weekly Viral Video Chart, which tracks views of campaigns in the week ending each Sunday, as compiled by Visible Measures. The Adidas “Take It” push was helped by star turns from athletes including Messi, Derrick Rose and Caroline Wozniacki, and it crushed any other online campaign within sight.

But Google also made a respectable showing with traditional internet ammo: animals being cute.

And the Super Bowl continued to leave a mark on web video, with Super Bowl-related clips from Nissan, Bud and McDonald’s taking up three slots.

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