Why Traditional Media Placements Still Rock

This is a great article by John Pilmer, a contributor to Entrepreneur.  It speaks to the importance and value of traditional media placements — which remain a crucial part of any company’s marketing mix.  Yes, the dynamics of news coverage have changed greatly, but it’s still highly credible (more so than advertising) and effective.  Is it in your marketing mix?  The following is an excerpt from the article.  

Photo Credit:  Entrepreneur Magazine and Entrepreneur.com

Photo Credit: Entrepreneur Magazine and Entrepreneur.com

Earned media coverage — a mention in a hard news story or editorial — is the golden goose of marketing for business owners. According to data from BusinessWire, consumers still trust news coverage more than advertising. In general, people are more likely to zero in on products and services making a difference in the world and showing up in their feeds.

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News coverage, however, has changed drastically over the last few decades, keeping up with the general migration of information to the Internet. Entrepreneurs who aren’t aware of modern shifts in media coverage will find themselves left out of one of the most important tools in their marketing box: publicity.  Read more…

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